Celebration Cakes

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Available Sizes


6'' Single Layer 6'' Double Layer
   (Serves 4-6)    (Serves 6-8)
8'' Single Layer 8'' Double Layer 
   (Serves 10-12)    (Serves 12-16)


10'' Single Layer


   (Serves 23-30)


10'' Double Layer


   (Serves 30-35)

Quarter Sheet Cake Half Sheet Cake
   (Serves 20-24)    (Serves 40-50)
Full Sheet Cake
   (Serves 80-100)

Available Flavors



Standard Cake Flavors

•  White
•  Chocolate
•  Marble

Additional Charge

•  Banana Walnut
•  Carrot Walnut

Standard: Buttercream

Additional Charge: Chocolate buttercream,

white chocolate buttercream, cream cheese

buttercream, caramel buttercream, German

chocolate buttercream


Chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry,

raspberry, coconut, orange, peanut butter, malt,

lemon curd, raspberry lemon curd





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